for game design

In order to achieve success with new technological developments it is important that the end-users are listened to and involved in a co-creation process. The contribution of adults over 55 is essential to ensure the success of the project's outputs, meeting the real needs of target users. For this reason, they are involved from the very beginning of the project and throughout all its phases.

A design document will be created through co-creation activities. During the workshops, researchers, designers, and end-users will analyse problems and generate solutions together, taking into account their different approaches, needs, and points of view. Using ‘gamification’ as a design concept, the co-design sessions will explore the scope for games and games technologies to enable learning and discovery of healthy eating. The co-creation scope is deliberately wide and non-prescriptive to include any and all technologies and techniques from the creative industries.


The final document will constitute the basis for other activities (in particular game jams and Serious Games) that will be implemented during the project. The design document published in this section will provide important methodological details, facilitating the potential transferability to other interested parties, especially in the field of active ageing. Thus, anyone interested in designing nutritional games for adults over 55 may benefit from the results of this work.