It’s time to start playing!

Finally, our partners have developed the guide to good nutritional habits, which also includes information on how to stay physically active!

The aim of the nutritional guide is to introduce you to the different food groups, the nutrient requirements of various individuals and their role in the body, practical tips for preparing meals and the right seasonal ingredients to use. The aim is to enable people over the age of 55 to understand simple but essential rules that they can use every day to improve their quality of life and health.

New games have also been developed to learn healthy eating habits while having fun! What more do we want?

With Game 1 – Healthy Chef you can learn and practice healthy recipes from different countries, such as Italy, Spain, UK and France, and try them out at home, with your family or friends.

With Game 2 – A Good Day! you can learn how to enjoy a healthy daily routine, have fun with mini-games, and learn about new “healthy life philosophies” and exercises such as yoga, and book recommendations.

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