Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Take advantage of tests and checks available

Your GP may offer free physical examinations.
Older adults can have regular, free, dental, eye and hearing tests.
Over 65’s should taking advantage of the annual flu vaccination.  Over 50’s are invited for regular bowel screening (every 2 years) with women over 50 also invited for regular mammograms (every 3 years).

Take care of your mouth

helps to slow age related changes in the mouth and potentially identify other health issues early. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups, even if you have dentures!

Take an interest in your own conditions and medication

it is good to know what you are taking and makes discussion with your GP easier.

Have a stable sleeping pattern in a dark, comfortable and cool bedroom

helps to reduce age-related sleep pattern disruption and insomnia.

Keep your mind active

important for mental health and acuity; there is evidence that learning new things can slow neurological decline.

Consider volunteering

helps keep your mind stimulated and occupied, contributing to mental health and a sense of well-being.

Stay connected

easy to do with modern communications technology and great for mental health and well-being.

Look after your feet

moisturise your skin, cut toenails straight across and have footwear that fits properly, supporting your feet.

Stop smoking

 it is bad for your body and brain.

It is never too late to adopt healthy habits to improve health and well-being however, the earlier healthy habits are adopted, the more likely you are to age healthily.