Food Gaming
for Active aGeing

Food Gaming for Active aGeing (FG4AG) aims at promoting good nutrition habits and healthy lifestyle among older adults, to improve the quality of their lives and reduce the risk of chronic diseases and cognitive decline.

What makes this project different from others is its innovative learning approach.  The project promotes active and healthy ageing through the development of the “Nutrition Game Platform” and an online Nutrition Guide, specifically tailored to target users’ needs.

While traditional motivation strategies usually fail to involve learners in the training courses, FG4AG will create innovative ‘serious games’ to support older adults’ learning of good nutrition habits. Serious Games are a good motivating tool which benefit cognitive function in healthy older adults, and could also be used to improve other health aspects, including physical capability, metabolic and cardiovascular health.

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Food Gaming for Active aGeing (FG4AG) is focused on 2 main objectives, both are necessary to improve the quality of life of adults over 55 and have positive effects in preventing cognitive decline as well as physical decline.

– Promoting good nutrition habits and a healthy lifestyle, taking into consideration the real needs of older adults in the different participant countries, i.e. France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

– Boosting social inclusion through the acquisition of ICT skills, nowadays necessary to avoid the social isolation of older adults.

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Target users

Food Gaming for Active aGeing is mainly addressed to:
- People aged 55+ interested in new technologies, games, nutrition, and generally a healthy and active lifestyle;

Students and young people interested and specialised in gamification and open to intergenerational activities targeted for the game jams;
– Indirectly, NGOs and professionals that are involved with nutrition, healthy and active ageing.
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